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The journey of pregnancy can be exciting, yet overwhelming at the same time.

Pregnancy can bring about a range of emotions, from joy and excitement to anxiety and uncertainty. That’s why having a supportive obstetrician is crucial during this transformative time.

With her expertise in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr. Croft offers personalised care that caters to the unique needs of each patient. She provides guidance and support, empowering women to make informed decisions and feel confident throughout their pregnancy journey.

How the process works with Dr Jodi Croft

  1. Initial Consultation

    Your initial appointment with Dr Croft is usually around 8 to 12 weeks.  This appointment usually takes around 40 minutes and is focused on the health of you and your baby.  Jodi will take a history of the pregnancy including any existing medical or surgical conditions, and relevant family history.  A general check up directed by your medical history will be performed, including heart, lungs and kidney function.  With your consent Dr Croft will also perform a bedside ultrasound at this, and subsequent visits.  Please bring along the following information:

    • Referral from your general practitioner to Dr Jodi Croft
    • Any important information on your health or previous pregnancies
    • Copies of test results from your current pregnancy
    • A full bladder ready for your ultrasound scan
    • Details of your health fund (please check to ensure you are covered for pregnancy care with Dr Croft and delivery in Wollongong Private Hospital)
  2. Subsequent Consultations

    Dr Croft will see you at least every 4 weeks up to 28 weeks, then second weekly until 36 weeks, then weekly until delivery.  Please bring along your antenatal card to each visit and any questions you may have.  Subsequent visits are usually shorter and may be with a skilled midwife.  At these visits we will check your blood pressure, urine and the growth of your baby.  Your partner and family members are welcome to attend.

  3. Postnatal Care

    Dr Croft will see you in hospital after you have your baby, and at 6 weeks in the rooms for a general check up.  At the 6 week visit we will discuss contraception and future pregnancy planning.  A physical examination will be performed including a cervical screening test if this is due.

Empowering Women Through Individualised Pregnancy and Birth Care

Dr. Jodi Croft understands that every pregnancy journey is unique, and that’s why she provides individualised care to each of her patients. With a compassionate and caring approach, Dr. Croft empowers women to take an active role in their pregnancy and birth experience. By understanding each patient’s needs and preferences, Dr. Croft is able to tailor her care to ensure that her patients feel supported and empowered throughout their pregnancy and birth journey.  Dr Croft supports vaginal birth, vaginal birth after Caesarean section and elective Caesarean section for maternal choice.  She is an extremely skilled Proceduralist and surgeon so you can feel comfortable whatever the outcome of your pregnancy and birth.

About Dr Jodi Croft

dr jodi croft

Some common questions about Obstetrics

  • What is obstetrics, and what does an Obstetrician do?

    Obstetrics is a specialised field of medicine focused on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. As an obstetrician, my role is to provide comprehensive care to pregnant women throughout their journey. This includes monitoring the health of both the mother and the developing baby, offering guidance on prenatal nutrition and exercise, and assisting with the safe delivery of the baby when the time comes. Obstetricians are here to support and ensure the well-being of both mother and child from conception through delivery and beyond.

  • How often will I have prenatal check-ups?

    Prenatal check-ups usually occur once a month during the first two trimesters, every two weeks in the third trimester, and weekly in the final weeks leading up to delivery. The schedule may vary depending on your health and any complications.

  • What should I expect during prenatal visits?

    Prenatal visits are essential for monitoring both you and your baby’s health. During these appointments, we conduct physical exams, listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and use ultrasound scans to track development. These visits provide reassurance and peace of mind about the progress of your pregnancy, allowing us to address any concerns and ensure a healthy journey. Your mental health the health of your relationship and family support is also an extremely important part of your pregnancy journey.

  • When should I schedule my first prenatal appointment?

    It’s typically recommended to schedule your first prenatal appointment as soon as you suspect you’re pregnant or have a positive home pregnancy test. Early prenatal care is important for a healthy pregnancy.

Book your initial appointment with Dr Jodi Croft

Whether you are planning for pregnancy, currently pregnant, or need gynaecological care, Dr. Jodi Croft offers comprehensive support for women’s health. With a compassionate approach and extensive experience in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr. Croft can provide care from preconception to postpartum wellness and beyond.


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